T7/ Multimedia Security in Digital Economy (MSDE)


Rhouma Rhouma ESEN, University of Manouba, Tunisia

Aims and Scope

The amount of multimedia services has grown exponentially due to the great development of the Internet, multimedia-enabled devices and wireless Internet access. Many companies are communicating with customers through a wider use of audios, images, and videos. Those multimedia services as news broadcasting, VoD, music downloading, movie channels, on- line gambling are obtained in exchange of a payment. The main purpose of most of multimedia content is to entertain a large audience who pays for accessing to it; however, the intellectual property and the copyright of the works traded must be protected. On the other hand, the emergence of e-commerce dealing with multimedia content has created new financial needs that in many cases cannot be effectively fulfilled by the traditional payment systems like SET and 3Dsecure. Hence all interested parties are exploring various types of electronic payment systems, issues surrounding electronic payment system and digital currency. We will try to evolve the security related problems of e-payment systems, and to find alternatives to existing traditional payment protocols to be used in multimedia services delivery and security. New algorithms and Protocols will be investigated.

List of tracks

  • E-payment systems and protocols
  • e- banking security
  • Authentication Protocols
  • Web Application Security
  • Partial and Scalable encryption of Multimedia content
  • Cryptanalysis
  • Digital Watermarking
  • Multimedia integrity
  • Steganography and information hiding
  • Digital forensics