B4/ E-learning and e-pedagogy


Fidel Ettien Brest Business School, France
Philippe Lenca IMT Atlantique, France

Aims and Scope

The use of technology in teaching and learning is becoming more and more frequent. Digital leaning has the merit of connecting geographically dispersed people and ensuring the dissemination of knowledge across borders at a lower cost and shorter time. Nonetheless, a total transformation of conventional learning into e-learning seems to be unpredictable. Top tiers academic institution like MIT have abandoned their projects of having 100% e-learning delivery. It appears that e-learning and conventional learning are complementary and not substitutable. They require different pedagogical techniques and teaching materials and approaches. The aim of this track is to discuss about issues related to e-knowledge transfer, e-pedagogy, digitalization of learning and teaching, etc.

List of tracks

  • E-Knowledge transfer
  • Processes of digitalization of teaching materials
  • New technologies in e-learning
  • E- pedagogy Vs. conventional pedagogy