B2/ E-marketing and e-commerce


Krishna Koppa JAIN University, India
Mickaël Cabon ISEN Bretagne, France

Aims and Scope

Companies are relying more than any time before on emerging technologies to study and monitor consumer behavior, design marketing offers, collect and analyze consumer data and sell products and services via online platforms. However, with the rapid evolution in digital technologies and online consumer behavior, companies are in need however to know how to make efficient use of emerging technologies to market and sell products and services in a rapidly evolving e-environment. The aim is to appreciate the impact of digital technology on consumer purchase behavior, discover various frameworks involved in creating digital marketing strategy, utilize different social media based on unique benefits they offer to users, and adopt use of key practices applied in e-commerce.

List of tracks

  • E-advertising
  • Pros & Cons
  • Pros & Cons of social media marketing
  • Web design in e- commerce
  • Cross- cultural issues in e- commerce
  • online consumer behavior
  • online consumer data