Dr. Nizar Abdelkafi

Head Of Unit, Business Models: Engineering And Innovation
Fraunhofer Center for International IMW, Germany

Aims and Scope

Digitization is initiating a big transformation of the economy. Data is becoming increasingly at the core of value creation in emergent and even established business models. Whereas digital advancements can lead to the development of important applications such as bitcoin, block chains, and machine learning, only business model innovation is truly capable of disrupting existing industries and driving the diffusion of new technologies. The digital transformation of business models leads to new ways of doing business, and to new value chains. Today’s winners are not necessarily the winners of the future, unless they adapt their business models and accommodate digital technologies, in a way that delivers customer value. Making physical processes and products digital is, however, not enough to set up a digital business model. Digital business models should be embedded in so-called digital ecosystems, which are characterized by variety, complexity and connectedness. This session aims to activate and initiate new discussions in the relatively new research field of digital business models. Papers submitted to this track should discuss issues related to this digital transformation and provide recommendations on how to handle it efficiently.
This track has a particular calendar:
Deadline for submission: 15.02.2019
Deadline for notification: 28.02.2019
Deadline for final submission: 15.03.2019

List of tracks
  •   Business model transformation
  •   Bundling products and services
  •   Servitization with digital technologies
  •   Plattform-based business models
  •   Digital transformation of value chains
  •   Scalability of digital business models