Communication style in the digital age


Zeineb Ayachi, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Manouba, Tunisia

Aims and Scope

In today’s digital economy, communication style has had a radical shift. Thanks to ICT tools and connectivity, hierarchies have been flattened and power distance has been reshaped in a way that high power distance culture mind sets have acquired a certain proximity to sovereign authorities. Now an angry employee can dismiss a boss, a value driven client can promote or cause the bankruptcy of a reputed product brand, and a single person can start a revolution. Such a shift in communication style impacted the way policy makers manage their business, teams, or governments. Thus Gert Hofstede’s cultural dimension theory for cross-cultural communication seems to fade away in the digital economy era giving way to a revolutionary way of communication that overlooks traditional barriers.

List of tracks

  •   Evolution of communication in the digital economy age
  •   Interpersonal communication in the digital economy age
  •   Legal, social, political, technological challenges in communication online
  •   Face work in confrontational dialogues
  •   Web based gender communication
  •   Implicit versus explicit language and respective users’ profiles
  •   Online versus off-line linguistic behvior.