Présentation de l'ATEN

The Tunisian Association of Digital Economy "Association Tunisienne d'Economie Numérique ATEN" is a scientific association founded in 2013 by researchers from the Higher School of Digital Economy ESEN at the University of Manouba - Tunisia. 

ATEN aims to promote innovative research and related activities that highlights the impact of emerging technologies of the digital economy on business innovation. More specifically, ATEN focuses on the integration of “Cloud Computing, Big Data and mobile technologies” in all aspects of the economy, society and culture.

The purpose of the ATEN researchers is to make scientific contributions to our understanding of the challenges and opportunities of integrating web technologies for enhancing added value changes in the public and private organizations.

ATEN aims to contribute to the new knowledge in the area of social sciences and humanities and this includes mainly the impact of the technologies on the consumption behaviors and the life quality of individuals.